Rebuild Kit

 3500 square foot model $3,050.00

5000 square foot model $3,305.00

7000 square foot model $3,850.00

10,000 square foot model $4,850.00

These inserts are available, by order, for all Timberwolf models. This is a new insert to be used as a rebuild kit for a Timberwolf outdoor wood stove. If you have a worn out Timberwolf, can cut and weld, but unsure of building the boiler assembly, this may be for you. After “gutting” your stove, this insert will slide into your original stove. This insert consists of a new water jacket, new firebox, new door, and new valves. These kits can also be used as a starting point to build your own outdoor stove.  If two ports are needed for a double-pump system, add $125.00 to the price.