Manufacturing Process

Our manufacturing process

Wood Furnace - Plate Roll

Plate Roll

We make the whole stove ourselves, we get our materials in the form of sheets and bar stock. We cut everything to size, roll our own tanks, and do all the welding. This picture shows a sheet of steel being rolled into a circle to become a water tank.

Wood Furnace - Firebox and Waterjacket

Firebox and Waterjacket

This is a picture of a fire box and water jacket. The water jacket is the larger of the two. The firebox slides into the round hole in the front of the water jacket until both chimney holes line up, then the chimney is inserted and the pieces are welded together.

Wood Furnace - Front View of Firebox & Waterjacket

Front View of Firebox & Waterjacket

This is the front view of the tanks after being welded together. Note, the larger tank holds the water and completely surrounds the firebox. The water protects the firebox from overheating the material.

Wood Furnace - Side View of Tanks

Side View of Tanks

Side view after welding tanks together.

Wood Furnace - Front angle of Framework

Front angle of Framework

Front angle view of the stove after all of the framework has been installed. You can see these are very solidly built.

Wood Furnace - Rear angle of Framework

Rear angle of Framework

Rear angle view of stove after framework has been installed. Our next step is to prepare it to be insulated.

Wood Furnace - Spray Foam

Spray Foam

All of our stoves are insulated with polyurethane spray on foam. This process really seals the stove against heat loss. The insulation is 3.5 inches thick, approximate R-25.

Wood Furnace - Door


As with the rest of the stove, we build our own doors. This picture shows the insulation inside the door. This is 3 inches of high temp insulation. The steel plate laying across the door will be moved into place and completely welded in.

Wood Furnace - Finished Product

Finished Product

Our finished wood furnace.