Frequently Asked Questions

Q) How do I choose the right size stove for me?

A) Timberwolf Furnace Co. rates its stoves with the model number. This is the maximum square footage the stove should be used to heat. You figure the square footage of a building by multiplying the length by the width of each floor and adding them together. If you are planning to heat multiple buildings it is recommended to add 25% to the total to make up for heat loss due to having more outside walls. Also add 500 square feet to the total if you plan to heat your domestic water. If your total square footage is close to the limit of a particular size stove, it would be better to get the next larger model.

Q) How much wood will I burn?

A) This is a tough question. Most of our customers are burning 7-8 cord of wood per year, heating an average size home of 2000- 2500 square feet, plus domestic water. Some burn as little as 3 cord, and some as much as 12, it really depends on many factors. The biggest factor is how many square feet you’re heating, others would be, how well your buildings are insulated, how warm you are keeping it, the type and condition of wood you’re using, and the weather.

Q) How do you clean the ashes out?

A) Simple, with a shovel. Don’t be afraid, it only takes about 5 minutes every 4-6 weeks.

Q) How much is this going to cost me altogether?

A) Our current stove prices are posted on the website, this will be the price of the stove only. The accessories needed to heat your home and domestic water is usually close to $1000.00. If you live in Michigan we will have to charge you 6% sales tax. Installation labor costs will vary. Most of our customers hook up their own in a weekend. If you don’t want to hook it up you can get prices from an area heating and cooling professional.

Q) Why are Timberwolf stoves so much cheaper than the others?

A) There are several reasons. Buying factory direct is huge, no middle man to pay and no hidden destination charge. The simplicity of a Timberwolf not only makes it cheaper to purchase, but also makes it more reliable by having less unnecessary parts to fail. The unique (mailbox) shape is designed specifically to save on labor costs during manufacturing. We can frame and install the sheet metal in a fraction of the time it takes to make one square. At Timberwolf Furnace Co. we focus on the reason you are purchasing an outdoor wood stove, to save money on heating costs. We help you save money on your investment also.